Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to fabricate highly accurate implant and hybrid restorations. Our implant and hybrid products provide natural-looking esthetics, extreme resilience, and a high level of stability. We carry custom abutments, hybrid prostheses, surgical stents, and diagnostic wax-ups.

Custom Abutments

Our custom abutments provide specified soft tissue management while healing, near perfect fit, and optimal adherence and support of the soft tissue. Custom abutments completely eliminate the risk of the peri-implant tissue adhering to the stock component used during the healing process, which causes the delivery of the final abutment to be lengthier, more difficult, and uncomfortable for the patient. When using custom healing abutments, the soft tissue is able to achieve the ideal gingival contours and it establishes optimal emergence profiles. Due to their consistent precision, they require little to no chairside adjustments, which saves valuable time. We provide custom abutments fabricated out of titanium, zirconia, and cast gold.

Custom Abutment Thumb