Additional Services

At Dental Dynamics, our team is driven and passionate about every case. We are committed to providing highly professional and friendly customer service to our clients. We offer a variety of value-added services to make your case stress-free and ensures patient satisfaction.

Implant Planning

Implant surgery is a crucial aspect of maintaining a patient’s dental health. Our team is available to help you from beginning to end of this process. We offer comprehensive case planning, where we will work with you to formulate the best strategy to ensure implant success. Our guided surgery service utilizes implant planning software to make all aspects of this treatment easy and stress-free for both you and your patient.

Comprehensive Case Planning

Never again worry about a complicated implant case when you use our case planning service. One of our experts will work with you to ensure complete success for even the most complex implant surgery. Your patients will be highly satisfied with their new smile. Whether you are experienced or new to implant surgery, our team will be by your side to provide you with invaluable guidance and experience.

Guided Surgery

Our experts at Dental Dynamics are available to help plan your implant surgeries and ensure successful outcomes for every patient no matter the complexity of the case. This service utilizes coDiagnostiX™ from Dental Wings, which is a cutting-edge implant planning software. Guided surgery allows for more efficient surgeries and extreme predictability. Our team collaborates with both you and your patient. With our thorough communication, your patient will have a complete overview of their surgery and the outcome they can expect. With this understanding, the likelihood they accept their treatment is greatly increased. We follow a four step process to ensure every patient receives the best possible care and outcome of their surgery.


    We begin by scanning digital or traditional impressions. We also have the ability to use CT scans, which allows for ideal placement of implants. Our team uses CAD/CAM technology to work with both digital and traditional impressions.


    After scanning, our team collaboratively works with you to plan the case and the surgery. We are experts in implantology and will help you with everything that comes with implant cases, including material selection, restorative design options, price quotes, and parts ordering.


    Through the use of coDiagnostiX™, our team is able to create a restorative driven treatment plan. This allows you to place dental implants with the utmost level of accuracy. At Dental Dynamics, we are able to provide you with custom CAD/CAM fabricated surgical guides, healing abutments, and provisionals to ensure every need of your patient is met.


    We will provide you with a custom restorative solution that best suits your patients specific needs. We offer custom abutments, zirconia hybrids, and screw-retained hybrids.