Additional Services

At Dental Dynamics, our team is driven and passionate about every case. We are committed to providing highly professional and friendly customer service to our clients. We offer a variety of value-added services to make your case stress-free and ensures patient satisfaction.

Custom Shade Matching

A patient’s satisfaction is largely reliant on the esthetics of their restoration. Our team of expert technicians masterfully achieve the artistic complexities necessary to shade match. By taking into account the different environmental variables that can affect ideal shade matching, they can provide the ideal shade for every patient. We offer custom shade matching both in our Westbrook-based lab and at your dental practice. No matter the location, your patient will be taken care of by one of our welcoming and professional technicians. We are committed to upholding your already established reputation. Schedule a shade matching appointment with confidence knowing that our lab will provide a comfortable experience for your patient.

Custom Shade Matching Thumb